GTS Kombucha Feature


So, I’m proud to announce I got a positive quote published on my favorite Kombucha GTS! I have always enjoyed drinking probiotics and when I discovered this brand I was sold, like done deal sold. I seen there was a way to submit quotes for potential publishing and said why the hell not? So I did and a few months later I was published on The Cherry Chia Synergy Kombucha. Too cool!


Above you will see the quote! Yay! Super excited to share my words with the world. This very quote sits at the bottom of every E-mail I send out. It’s truly how I feel about this life and everyone in it. I’m glad GTS liked it enough to publish it, and on that note I just had to share it all with you.


See above for the benefits of drinking Kombucha. With so many benefits why wouldn’t one want to drink this amazing stuff? Go to: GTS Again, Thank you #gtswordsofenlightenment for getting my message out there. You are a wonderful brand and I’m happy to be a part of your family of amazingness.

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