My Favorite House Site!


HOUZZ is an amazing online platform for everything home. A great resource for photos, ideas, concepts and shopping. You can find anything there for indoor or outdoor. You might want to narrow down your initial search as there are thousands of items listed there. Our home style is more Modern Contemporary so this style is usually hard to find in your average everyday stores. However they have everything.


You create a profile and start creating what Houzz calls Ideabooks. These are basically concept folders that host your favorite images and designs. Each photo has clickable tags that offer shopping information that direct you to where to buys. It makes the whole experience that much easier. With Houzz in your back pocket your dream home style can be achieved.


Now let’s talk about customer service! Amazing! They answer the phone, the address your issues or concerns and they fix the problem, done! The times I had to call it was easy and simple to get someone on the phone and handling my problems. If you haven’t already checked out HOUZZ do so. I promise you it will amaze and astonish!

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