Upgrading our home.


We bought our first home together exactly a year ago, and since we moved in it’s been a nonstop production of home improvement. It’s funny really cause when we first bought the home we were quite satisfied with everything. Enough to buy it, move in and start our home-ownership life together. Who knew that owning your own home becomes a daily obsession of what can be fixed or made better. It’s totally insane. LOL!


Besides replacing all the carpet in the house with wood flooring we started painting once we moved in. Most places are sold with this sand colored wall that I just despise. So, off to Lowe’s we went and a painting we will go…Then we decided that all the trees in the backyard needed to be knocked down. Added Shrubbery around the entire backyard perimeter, been getting estimates on an in-ground pool and entire exterior paint job. It’s more than I ever imagined or seen coming.


I can say however that since we arrived here a year ago a lot has changed. We have been taking before/after photos to show the progress and to document it all for our future buyer. We think we may outgrow the home in 5 or so years. We shall see what happens but until then we will continue making our first home buy the best it can be. Who knew that buying a home wasn’t just a turn-key event? It’s more like buy it and fix it forever.

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