I Woke Up to Yell-Singing…


Good morning friends! So, I woke up today to a rather unpleasant annoying yell-singing situation. My 2 year old son decided to wake me up by yell-singing in my ear. Needless to say I was up but very fatigued and unhappy. I jump up out of bed with a fierceness and determination to get the son out of my bed and out of my room. Ready for the best part? He doesn’t want to get out of the bed! He starts crying uncontrollably…Man oh man was I about to lose it!


So I’m not sure of his goal this am…was it to wake me up so I would be up early like him? Or was it to just to bug me since I was cozy and warm still dreaming of Peppermint fairies? Well, whatever the case was I was up and on a desperate search for coffee, black please. I open my bedroom door and try to get him to come with me downstairs…well, that didn’t exactly happen either. He was up, I was up but he didn’t want to go anywhere. Grrrrrrrr, so I picked his little butt up grabbed his blankie and on the coffee mission we went.


So, now we are both downstairs and I’m hunching over the Keurig placing an espresso K-cup in that sucker. My son woke up on the crankier side of the bed today and started yell-singing once again. I swear my head was just pounding and maybe he thought he sounded good but LORD JESUS it was hell on earth. Anyhow, he finally calmed down and I was able to have a good long conversation with my friend black coffee and the world is at peace once again. Hope your mornings have been less yell-singing than mine.

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