Valentine’s Day This Year…


Yay! Another year and another reason to eat more chocolate and buy a bunch of gifts for my man. This year rings in a bit different however, my fiancé suggested we buy for our two-year old son as well. Since he is understanding more and more we are now adding him to the mix. It’s interesting really because all these years I have bought my mom and my man period. It will be fun actually to shop for him, and with V-Day tomorrow I guess we will be shopping today.


The above cupid image represents how I see my son. Ridiculously cute and shoots you smack in the butt with a love arrow. Well, hey doesn’t every parent see their children as amazingly cute? He’s a love and I think he will be excited to receive a gift this year and every year here after…LOL, thanks fiancé for the great idea! LMAO. No, it’s a kind and sweet gesture and what other holiday than Valentine’s Day should that exist? Oh wait! Christmas, Easter, Halloween…OH MAN! Did we really just add V-Day to the list??? Um, Yup we did! LOL.


Taking a moment here to wish all my followers a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all eat some chocolate, drink some wine, spend time with your loved ones, and just enjoy the spirit of the holiday. No matter in a relationship or not, it’s fun to just be free and loving. It doesn’t take a holiday to say We love someone, but it does make it fun to do something extra nice for our sweethearts. Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

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