But I’m a Mom!


From the wee hours of the early am till the late night hours of the night I am a mom. Having a 2 year old boy is a lot of work, but then you add in a 150lb Cane Corso puppy whose 1 year old and the game changes. Besides making sure they don’t tear up the house I’m also a blogger writing posts for my followers to enjoy. I also am an actor of well over a decade now. I’m planning a wedding for June in New York and I live in Los Angeles. Can somebody say Supermom?


I’m trying my best not to look or act like this mom above LOL. I handle each day and each minute with an open-mind and open-heart. Having patience is key here, battling each task as a single task even though they are running simultaneously. I believe the key here is breathing, optimism and finding time for yourself within everyday. I think about my mom who had 4 children and all within 3-4 years apart from the other. Talk about Supermoms!


So, heres a shoutout to all the moms out there. Know your power, embrace your strength and know that anything is possible with love, patience and staying calm. I know its hard at times but you are a miracle worker. You created life and there is nothing more SuperMom than that! Here’s to you!

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