Upgrading our home.


We bought our first home together exactly a year ago, and since we moved in it’s been a nonstop production of home improvement. It’s funny really cause when we first bought the home we were quite satisfied with everything. Enough to buy it, move in and start our home-ownership life together. Who knew that owning your own home becomes a daily obsession of what can be fixed or made better. It’s totally insane. LOL!


Besides replacing all the carpet in the house with wood flooring we started painting once we moved in. Most places are sold with this sand colored wall that I just despise. So, off to Lowe’s we went and a painting we will go…Then we decided that all the trees in the backyard needed to be knocked down. Added Shrubbery around the entire backyard perimeter, been getting estimates on an in-ground pool and entire exterior paint job. It’s more than I ever imagined or seen coming.


I can say however that since we arrived here a year ago a lot has changed. We have been taking before/after photos to show the progress and to document it all for our future buyer. We think we may outgrow the home in 5 or so years. We shall see what happens but until then we will continue making our first home buy the best it can be. Who knew that buying a home wasn’t just a turn-key event? It’s more like buy it and fix it forever.

Go Back To Your Bed!


Ever since my son can walk and we converted his crib to a day bed he’s been walking into my bed in the middle of the night, every night. It was so endearing at first…it truly was. I was like “look honey he wants to be close to us. How cute!” It was bunch of ooooh’s and ahhhhhhh’s. Now that he’s two and 3 feet tall??? Not so much!

Screen shot 2011-09-17 at 121044 AM - 1

So, we sleep in a California King…which is a pretty large bed. It’s starting to feel a lot smaller now that there’s 3 of us. So, my son will walk in and come to my side of the bed to pick him up and place him in between us. Not only are the middle of the night or morning sex out the window, but my two year old likes to fight in his sleep. So, no sex opportunities plus throughout the night we both get kicked and punched. It’s really not as cute and endearing as I once thought it was.


And then the next question arises from the fiancé….How much sleep do you need? LOL! I love that question, I truly do! The answer??? A-FRIGGIN-LOT! OK? LOL. I have always liked my sleep and guess what? I still do! Especially when I’m spending my days chasing around an emotionally unstable yet super happy two year old. Then top it off with him jumping in the bed not only to sleep but to beat the both of us up every night. So much fun! It really is! Wanna trade sleep situations?

I Woke Up to Yell-Singing…


Good morning friends! So, I woke up today to a rather unpleasant annoying yell-singing situation. My 2 year old son decided to wake me up by yell-singing in my ear. Needless to say I was up but very fatigued and unhappy. I jump up out of bed with a fierceness and determination to get the son out of my bed and out of my room. Ready for the best part? He doesn’t want to get out of the bed! He starts crying uncontrollably…Man oh man was I about to lose it!


So I’m not sure of his goal this am…was it to wake me up so I would be up early like him? Or was it to just to bug me since I was cozy and warm still dreaming of Peppermint fairies? Well, whatever the case was I was up and on a desperate search for coffee, black please. I open my bedroom door and try to get him to come with me downstairs…well, that didn’t exactly happen either. He was up, I was up but he didn’t want to go anywhere. Grrrrrrrr, so I picked his little butt up grabbed his blankie and on the coffee mission we went.


So, now we are both downstairs and I’m hunching over the Keurig placing an espresso K-cup in that sucker. My son woke up on the crankier side of the bed today and started yell-singing once again. I swear my head was just pounding and maybe he thought he sounded good but LORD JESUS it was hell on earth. Anyhow, he finally calmed down and I was able to have a good long conversation with my friend black coffee and the world is at peace once again. Hope your mornings have been less yell-singing than mine.

My Latest Skin-Venture.


Booked my first appointment at Beauty Park in Santa Monica. Been wanting to go since watching Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. This is a celebrity level type Med Spa with prices to match. I am getting Wedding-ready and wanted to put it in the capable hands of Nurse Jamie.


I scheduled a Vitamin Infusion facial with Microdermabrasion and Micro-conturing.  The entire process took an hour and was quite relaxing. It was nice to finally lay down at Beauty Park and start my skin transformation. This particular facial is intended to deliver vitamins deep into the lowest layer of the skin. It does so by applying the entire face with heavy vitamin serums and then bandages. Attaching a micro-current machine to the bandages to help penetrate the skin. Results lead to an instant glow and clear happy skin.


The Microdermabrasion machine works wonders for resurfacing the skins texture. An additional must for any facial. For those of you who haven’t done one before fear not. It’s painless and literally just feels like a sand vacuum going over your skin. So a slight suction and sand particles to help refinish the overall texture of the outer layer of skin. All in all it was a great first step to getting my skin Wedding-ready for June. Stay tuned for more as my Skin ventures at Beauty Park continue.


Being Grateful.


Its easy sometimes to forget to actually stop and just be grateful. Grateful for my health, my amazing fiancé, my healthy and happy 2 year old, and so many other aspects. Taking a moment to be thankful for all the things that can be taken for granted. It’s important for growth and happiness I believe.


My entire family minus my fiancé and son live on the East coast. So, at times its hard cause I don’t get to see them very much. With planning a wedding for June in Manhattan I will be visiting one more time for menu and planning finalizations. I do wish that my family would travel out to see me. I’m grateful to have them and it would be nice if they cared enough to come here. I know its expensive but oddly enough they expect me to keep flying out. It must be that they think I have all this money to do so. Who knows?


Well, with that said I am grateful for them. I’m happy we all get along and have each other. Maybe one day they will have an interest in visiting and spending time in this beautiful state in which I live. Till’ then I have my hands quite full. The wedding is a little less than 4 months away and still buying the last few items. Ordering the rest of my bridesmaids dresses and the liking. Whatever you are doing right now remember to just stop, stop right here in this moment and realize that you are lucky. Lucky to be alive, healthy and well reading my blog. Thanks for that too! Speaks soon guys.

Valentine’s Day This Year…


Yay! Another year and another reason to eat more chocolate and buy a bunch of gifts for my man. This year rings in a bit different however, my fiancé suggested we buy for our two-year old son as well. Since he is understanding more and more we are now adding him to the mix. It’s interesting really because all these years I have bought my mom and my man period. It will be fun actually to shop for him, and with V-Day tomorrow I guess we will be shopping today.


The above cupid image represents how I see my son. Ridiculously cute and shoots you smack in the butt with a love arrow. Well, hey doesn’t every parent see their children as amazingly cute? He’s a love and I think he will be excited to receive a gift this year and every year here after…LOL, thanks fiancé for the great idea! LMAO. No, it’s a kind and sweet gesture and what other holiday than Valentine’s Day should that exist? Oh wait! Christmas, Easter, Halloween…OH MAN! Did we really just add V-Day to the list??? Um, Yup we did! LOL.


Taking a moment here to wish all my followers a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all eat some chocolate, drink some wine, spend time with your loved ones, and just enjoy the spirit of the holiday. No matter in a relationship or not, it’s fun to just be free and loving. It doesn’t take a holiday to say We love someone, but it does make it fun to do something extra nice for our sweethearts. Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

But I’m a Mom!


From the wee hours of the early am till the late night hours of the night I am a mom. Having a 2 year old boy is a lot of work, but then you add in a 150lb Cane Corso puppy whose 1 year old and the game changes. Besides making sure they don’t tear up the house I’m also a blogger writing posts for my followers to enjoy. I also am an actor of well over a decade now. I’m planning a wedding for June in New York and I live in Los Angeles. Can somebody say Supermom?


I’m trying my best not to look or act like this mom above LOL. I handle each day and each minute with an open-mind and open-heart. Having patience is key here, battling each task as a single task even though they are running simultaneously. I believe the key here is breathing, optimism and finding time for yourself within everyday. I think about my mom who had 4 children and all within 3-4 years apart from the other. Talk about Supermoms!


So, heres a shoutout to all the moms out there. Know your power, embrace your strength and know that anything is possible with love, patience and staying calm. I know its hard at times but you are a miracle worker. You created life and there is nothing more SuperMom than that! Here’s to you!