The Yearly Cleanse.


The Dr. Schulze 5 Day Bowel Cleanse is my yearly go-to and for the last 10 years at that. This cleanse aids in ridding the colon of new and old fecal matter. Matter that causes colon cancer and all sorts of problems if ignored. This cleanse is especially good for someone who has or currently eats meat and dairy. Meat and dairy products cause major issues throughout the body.

The 3 products that are in this cleanse are the following: Formula One, Formula Two and Air Detox. The Formula One rids of the newer fecal matter, Formula Two targets the older matter and Air Detox helps keep your bathroom smelling clean. The kit is sold for $70 at Dr. Schulze or if you’re in California you can go to the store in the Marina Del Rey area.


Dr. Schulze is an internist and has healed cancer with his programs. His products are 100% herbal and are truly my go-to for living healthy. I highly recommend his products to everyone. It has changed my life and conquered many different ailments along the way. If you want to feel better, get more energy of start doing cleanses look no further than Dr. Schulze.

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