Getting Married.


Getting Married finally to the love of my life. To a man to whom I thought I would never meet. Someone who is my best friend, my lover and my companion. It’s truly an amazing experience, so much going on and so many cogs in the wheel. However, as I approach 5 months out I’m starting to get a bit nervous.


I would say I’m 75% done with everything. I still have so much to do however…like: find my ideal wedding dress, get my fiancé his suit. Get all the bridesmaids dresses, shoes, accessories, same on the groomsmen. Book the hotel, book the flights, find an officiant, taste the menu, and that’s about it. Now thats ALOT! We’re officially in mid- January and I’m getting married in June. Trying not to stress, promised myself I wouldn’t stress, but OH MAN this is starting to get rough.


I swear I’m not a Bridezilla! I don’t like them, I don’t want to transform magically into one. With that said, wish me luck. It’s a Saturday and I’m going to lock some stuff down right now. Enjoy the weekend everyone, I’m off to continue locking this Wedding down. Bridezilla MOVE OUT THE WAY! I’m Tiffany, a calm, cool and collected Bride-to-be…for now anyways. LOL!

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