Vibrate Your Soreness Away.


Meet my new friend! This guy knows how to work out some serious soreness. My fiancé discovered this rare gem. We were working out in our local gym when one of the trainers introduced this amazing new technology to us. When I heard the price I was little hesitant however I gave it a trial run. We live in the gym as I told you guys before. So, anything to help rid of soreness is a Godsend. This thing can work it let me just tell you.


Started using my new friend late last night and I literally worked away some kinks I had for months. It’s set for increments of ten minutes. So, I basically choose an area thats sore (and there are many) and I just roll away. Easy to handle with multiple speeds this fitness ball is the latest way to rid of soreness. It comes with half a charge on arrival, charges quickly and lights up various colors to indicate different levels. Levels of charge and levels of intensity. A must for any athlete or gym enthusiast.


The fitness ball is offered in two colors. Same exact features on both. This is must and is worth every $150 we spent on each of these. Well, I must go…my new friend Hyperice is calling. Check them out at: Hyperice

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