The Yearly Cleanse.


The Dr. Schulze 5 Day Bowel Cleanse is my yearly go-to and for the last 10 years at that. This cleanse aids in ridding the colon of new and old fecal matter. Matter that causes colon cancer and all sorts of problems if ignored. This cleanse is especially good for someone who has or currently eats meat and dairy. Meat and dairy products cause major issues throughout the body.

The 3 products that are in this cleanse are the following: Formula One, Formula Two and Air Detox. The Formula One rids of the newer fecal matter, Formula Two targets the older matter and Air Detox helps keep your bathroom smelling clean. The kit is sold for $70 at Dr. Schulze or if you’re in California you can go to the store in the Marina Del Rey area.


Dr. Schulze is an internist and has healed cancer with his programs. His products are 100% herbal and are truly my go-to for living healthy. I highly recommend his products to everyone. It has changed my life and conquered many different ailments along the way. If you want to feel better, get more energy of start doing cleanses look no further than Dr. Schulze.

Getting Married.


Getting Married finally to the love of my life. To a man to whom I thought I would never meet. Someone who is my best friend, my lover and my companion. It’s truly an amazing experience, so much going on and so many cogs in the wheel. However, as I approach 5 months out I’m starting to get a bit nervous.


I would say I’m 75% done with everything. I still have so much to do however…like: find my ideal wedding dress, get my fiancé his suit. Get all the bridesmaids dresses, shoes, accessories, same on the groomsmen. Book the hotel, book the flights, find an officiant, taste the menu, and that’s about it. Now thats ALOT! We’re officially in mid- January and I’m getting married in June. Trying not to stress, promised myself I wouldn’t stress, but OH MAN this is starting to get rough.


I swear I’m not a Bridezilla! I don’t like them, I don’t want to transform magically into one. With that said, wish me luck. It’s a Saturday and I’m going to lock some stuff down right now. Enjoy the weekend everyone, I’m off to continue locking this Wedding down. Bridezilla MOVE OUT THE WAY! I’m Tiffany, a calm, cool and collected Bride-to-be…for now anyways. LOL!

Vaxxed The Documentary…WATCH IT!


I watched this documentary and please please please WATCH IT! It unveils so many things about the CDC and Doctors and the world we live in. It’s sad, it’s real and unfortunately way too many infants and children have been affected. The lies, the cover ups and all the false information is spelled out in this one documentary.


As you all already know I have a 2 year old son. Being a mom for the first time I had been well-informed about vaccinations and the hidden dangers that lie within them. This madness needs to stop and we all need to come together and do our part. A child is diagnosed with Autism every 7 minutes. Do you think thats normal? Genetic? No! It’s caused by the triple vaccination called MMR. It stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. A shot that has been proven directly to cause Autism. The pharmaceutical companies took away the option to have these shots in single doses. Which by the way is safe, but when combined causes problems.


The question above is an interesting one. They would like you to believe that they are but in reality they aren’t. The MMR causes AUTISM. It’s not a per chance sorta thing, it’s real and it’s happening every day. Watch the film, write letters to your local politicians, leaders and take a stand. Choose No to the MMR. It WILL affect your children. Stay safe friends. Website can be found here: VAXXED

Vibrate Your Soreness Away.


Meet my new friend! This guy knows how to work out some serious soreness. My fiancé discovered this rare gem. We were working out in our local gym when one of the trainers introduced this amazing new technology to us. When I heard the price I was little hesitant however I gave it a trial run. We live in the gym as I told you guys before. So, anything to help rid of soreness is a Godsend. This thing can work it let me just tell you.


Started using my new friend late last night and I literally worked away some kinks I had for months. It’s set for increments of ten minutes. So, I basically choose an area thats sore (and there are many) and I just roll away. Easy to handle with multiple speeds this fitness ball is the latest way to rid of soreness. It comes with half a charge on arrival, charges quickly and lights up various colors to indicate different levels. Levels of charge and levels of intensity. A must for any athlete or gym enthusiast.


The fitness ball is offered in two colors. Same exact features on both. This is must and is worth every $150 we spent on each of these. Well, I must go…my new friend Hyperice is calling. Check them out at: Hyperice