Shop at Whole Foods and Get No Foods.

Whole Foods

Went shopping the other day for a friend of mine who was sick and needed some items. 2 bags worth of items, and not full bags might I add but 2 just the same. I have always found Whole Foods to be cool. They always have the latest organic super fresh items. The concept and store design is awesome. However….


As I was going through the aisles, adding things from the short list for my friend. I started seeing products I know and use displayed there. One product came to my attention like a damn huge neon yellow blinking light: La Croix Sparkling Water Cans. They had a special on the 12 pack. The sign read and I kid you not $5.39 for a pack of 12 cans. I just paid $2.99 at Target for the same exact product. Can someone help me out here? Can anyone tell me why the markup at Whole Foods is so damn high? What the hell?


OK, so now that we are over that…let’s move on shall we? The Juice Bar is AMAZING! They offer a wide variety of Raw Juices with boosters for days. They offer ready-made and fresh juices on the spot juices. The prices for these guys is quite fair for what you’re getting. Beyond that, the prices overall are high and being a comparative smart shopper I prefer to save money and get the same products for less. But if you’re in need of a pick me up head on over to Whole Foods. You will not be disappointed. Oh an day the way I paid $58 and change for 8 items in less than 2 full bags. Eeeeehhhh oh Whole Foods.

2 thoughts on “Shop at Whole Foods and Get No Foods.

  1. Ha ha! This is so true! I’ve always loved Whole Foods as well, but there are things that you can just get cheaper in other stores. I would shop here for specialty items that you can not find in your local grocery store.

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