My Puppy is an Elephant.


Ahhhhhhhhh, the blue Cane Corso…an Italian Mastif. So cuddly and cute when they are born. Even for the following 3 months they’re still small and adorable. But as time passes these pups grow quite large. We have a 1 year old Blue Cane Corso, his name is London. He is large and in charge. To think this pup was so small and cute year ago it just blows my mind. He is currently 140lbs and and eats everything he sees.


So, we once had this own chair until London decided he would eat it. So, we no longer have this lawn chair. Every toy we have bought for him has been devoured and chewed up to oblivion. There is no such thing as indestructible for this Cane. He can eat everything with ease. I have considered a steel pipe for Christmas but I’m afraid he might dent it. LOL! Oh man, to think this is a just a puppy…what the hell?


So, for Christmas London is getting food. He can eat it and eat it all. Any so-called indestructibles are simply not what they claim, well at least not for this dog. He has already eaten 2 beds and is down to just a blanket that is currently being shredded. Nothing is safe around him. Oh London.

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