Vaccinations Are Hurting not Helping.


From 1983 till the year of 2016, vaccination schedules have dramatically changed. The vaccination schedule in 1983 had 24 doses, and in 2016 69 doses. Does anyone see the problem here? Pharmaceutical companies are putting more and more required vaccinations on the schedule. People and parents that aren’t educated are going along with this insanity. Of course if someone is unaware of the problems these drugs are causing they will continue to sign on the dotted line.


As you all know I have a 2 year old. Being a parent has driven me to stand guard and research questionable practices. A good friend of ours had sent us info on MMR and the Flu shot. We are warned with endless articles and documents supporting that these vaccinations can cause Autism and developmental problems. Look at the numbers, 1983 had 24 doses required and in 2016 69???? Are we healthier? Living longer? It’s more so that now we have more diseases and issues than we ever did. Has Corporate greed hurt our youth and everyone else?


I’m a firm believer in staying informed and educated. There are so many facts supporting this very topic. Don’t make a conscious choice to hurt your children or yourself. Stay aware and read. Here are some places you can check out to back up everything this post is saying: Vaccines RevealedInterviewTrace Amounts. These are just some places to go and learn. Please pass along to everyone you know. The control and destruction starts at birth and continues throughout our lives if we let it. Educate yourself, stay informed, ask questions and seek out other sources for confirmation. Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t let them win.

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