Being in The Now.


Being in the now is vital for a meaningful existence. Being in the now allows us to fully embrace our experiences. Being in the now is everything. OK, thats enough of me saying ‘being in the now.  Let’s get more into that.


While we are alive and healthy let us take advantage of  our everyday. I sometimes find myself so wrapped up in my phone that I forget to be present. I have made a conscious effort to be present and be in the now. Our life is so damn short, we only have limited time on this planet. Let us find ways to be present and to be aware. Since my mind shift, I have reduced my stress levels and become more available to the needs of others.


I am busy, you are busy and so are they in fact. Ya’ know we all are busy to a degree. I used to use this as an excuse not to do things. Now if it’s important to me or has any meaning at all I make it happen. I make people hear how I feel, see what I offer and “Poof” there it is. I’m no longer busy for what I consider important in my life. So, with all that…find your now, hold onto it, cause yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s uncertain. Be here now.

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