Life is a Delicate Balance.


Life is a delicate balance of so many things. There is family, career, parenting, working out, and somewhere in between it all relaxing and enjoying life. Making sure your priorities are set and tasks accomplished daily can be a challenging feat. So, here’s how I work this all out.


Once I wake up, I make the bed, I check my messages, and roll on out to do one of two things. Either wash my face and do my daily skin routine or take care of my little one. It changes day to day so I just roll with it. After that. I head on downstairs to greet the fiance’, get breakfast going if no one has eaten, then begin getting out the gym bags, snacks ready. We workout 5 days a week and it’s a part of the morning routine. Once that’s all done it’s time to dress myself and the little one.


Once we hit the gym we drop our son off to kids club for 2 hours, no more or less time as they are very strict. We work out for that 2 hours pretty hard, handle 15-20 minutes of cardio daily and go about our day. After the 2 hour window has closed we head home to eat, shower, change and my fiancé is off to work. I am off to feed my son, the dog, clea the house, laundry, and handle my Blog, work on lines for auditions that come in, and handle all my social media accounts. With the holidays here, I’m also shopping and wrapping tons of gifts for friends and family.


So, I ask myself sometimes…”Where is the delicate balance?” For me, I find it in the quiet moments, the bathtub, the time when my son is sleeping for a nap or down for the night, even sometimes when driving. I tend to find that balance when there is one of two things  happening: silence or good music. I’m able to be me, relax, unwind and achieve that delicate balance I believe we all need this in life. Find yours. Namaste.

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