My 2 Year Old is a Brand Rep.


So, I’m pretty big on Instagram. I promote my profile, my son’s and a companies IG as well. I will get into the company I promote a bit later on here on this Blog. The image above best represents my son’s first brand that he ever repped. The brand is called Aquiverfull and can be found here: Aquiverfull They are a Christian-based T-shirt and clothing brand based in Tuscon, Arizona.


The above image represents the second company he reps. Basically we get free clothing and/or hugely discounted percentages monthly. For that privilege, we simply take clear professional style photos and post it on my son’s IG. That’s it, pretty simple really. This Kid Clothing Company is located in Canada. They are most famous for this T-shirt posted above. They make clothing for Men, Women and Children. Their site can be found here: This Kid


The above image represents the third and last brand he reps. They are located near San Diego. They make clothing for Boys, Girls and babies. Pretty cool designs and wonderfully made T-shirts. Check them out at: Rad Kidz

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