Shop at Whole Foods and Get No Foods.

Whole Foods

Went shopping the other day for a friend of mine who was sick and needed some items. 2 bags worth of items, and not full bags might I add but 2 just the same. I have always found Whole Foods to be cool. They always have the latest organic super fresh items. The concept and store design is awesome. However….


As I was going through the aisles, adding things from the short list for my friend. I started seeing products I know and use displayed there. One product came to my attention like a damn huge neon yellow blinking light: La Croix Sparkling Water Cans. They had a special on the 12 pack. The sign read and I kid you not $5.39 for a pack of 12 cans. I just paid $2.99 at Target for the same exact product. Can someone help me out here? Can anyone tell me why the markup at Whole Foods is so damn high? What the hell?


OK, so now that we are over that…let’s move on shall we? The Juice Bar is AMAZING! They offer a wide variety of Raw Juices with boosters for days. They offer ready-made and fresh juices on the spot juices. The prices for these guys is quite fair for what you’re getting. Beyond that, the prices overall are high and being a comparative smart shopper I prefer to save money and get the same products for less. But if you’re in need of a pick me up head on over to Whole Foods. You will not be disappointed. Oh an day the way I paid $58 and change for 8 items in less than 2 full bags. Eeeeehhhh oh Whole Foods.

My Puppy is an Elephant.


Ahhhhhhhhh, the blue Cane Corso…an Italian Mastif. So cuddly and cute when they are born. Even for the following 3 months they’re still small and adorable. But as time passes these pups grow quite large. We have a 1 year old Blue Cane Corso, his name is London. He is large and in charge. To think this pup was so small and cute year ago it just blows my mind. He is currently 140lbs and and eats everything he sees.


So, we once had this own chair until London decided he would eat it. So, we no longer have this lawn chair. Every toy we have bought for him has been devoured and chewed up to oblivion. There is no such thing as indestructible for this Cane. He can eat everything with ease. I have considered a steel pipe for Christmas but I’m afraid he might dent it. LOL! Oh man, to think this is a just a puppy…what the hell?


So, for Christmas London is getting food. He can eat it and eat it all. Any so-called indestructibles are simply not what they claim, well at least not for this dog. He has already eaten 2 beds and is down to just a blanket that is currently being shredded. Nothing is safe around him. Oh London.

All You Need is Love.


All you need is love. In this crazy world where so many things have spun outta control it’s refreshing to know that we have something more powerful than anything else: Love. I have embraced and harvested this power. I try to see the world and all the people in it as the same. I try to ignore the negative energies and overpower it all with positivity.


I use this operative word try when speaking of deflecting all the bad that’s out there. I use it because I’m human and I have emotions just like anyone on this planet. I’m not perfect, no one is but the word try helps me remember that being love and giving love is a ongoing process. I hold doors for people, I smile at strangers, I try to be the best person I know how to be. That’s all we can do really.


The best thing for me is looking at my life and the people in it and just smiling. I smile because I have said everything I wish to say, I have done everything I wanted to do, and I am quite content as to where I am at the current moment. OK, that last sentence was a complete and utter run-on. SHEESH! But seriously guys, let’s just be better human beings. Hold a door, smile at people you don’t know, give compliments, start conversation and just give love. The world needs it now more than ever. Have a lovely day.

Vaccinations Are Hurting not Helping.


From 1983 till the year of 2016, vaccination schedules have dramatically changed. The vaccination schedule in 1983 had 24 doses, and in 2016 69 doses. Does anyone see the problem here? Pharmaceutical companies are putting more and more required vaccinations on the schedule. People and parents that aren’t educated are going along with this insanity. Of course if someone is unaware of the problems these drugs are causing they will continue to sign on the dotted line.


As you all know I have a 2 year old. Being a parent has driven me to stand guard and research questionable practices. A good friend of ours had sent us info on MMR and the Flu shot. We are warned with endless articles and documents supporting that these vaccinations can cause Autism and developmental problems. Look at the numbers, 1983 had 24 doses required and in 2016 69???? Are we healthier? Living longer? It’s more so that now we have more diseases and issues than we ever did. Has Corporate greed hurt our youth and everyone else?


I’m a firm believer in staying informed and educated. There are so many facts supporting this very topic. Don’t make a conscious choice to hurt your children or yourself. Stay aware and read. Here are some places you can check out to back up everything this post is saying: Vaccines RevealedInterviewTrace Amounts. These are just some places to go and learn. Please pass along to everyone you know. The control and destruction starts at birth and continues throughout our lives if we let it. Educate yourself, stay informed, ask questions and seek out other sources for confirmation. Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t let them win.

Being in The Now.


Being in the now is vital for a meaningful existence. Being in the now allows us to fully embrace our experiences. Being in the now is everything. OK, thats enough of me saying ‘being in the now.  Let’s get more into that.


While we are alive and healthy let us take advantage of  our everyday. I sometimes find myself so wrapped up in my phone that I forget to be present. I have made a conscious effort to be present and be in the now. Our life is so damn short, we only have limited time on this planet. Let us find ways to be present and to be aware. Since my mind shift, I have reduced my stress levels and become more available to the needs of others.


I am busy, you are busy and so are they in fact. Ya’ know we all are busy to a degree. I used to use this as an excuse not to do things. Now if it’s important to me or has any meaning at all I make it happen. I make people hear how I feel, see what I offer and “Poof” there it is. I’m no longer busy for what I consider important in my life. So, with all that…find your now, hold onto it, cause yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s uncertain. Be here now.

Omax Cognitive Boost.


This is an amazing product right here. Omax Cognitive Boost Pure Omega-3 supplement. You can find them here: Max . I’ve been taking this Omega for a month now and I feel so much better. I have more energy, focus and clarity. I can’t believe that one capsule can work such wonders. I was introduced to this product from a study group I was partaking in.


This amazingly powerful fish oil is so pure that the benefits are insane. It helps with inflammation and muscle repair. I’m less sore after my workouts and I feel 100% better. I can multi-task with ease and I’m really reaping the benefits of this Omega. I’ve taken Omegas in the past and never I have I experienced such results. I attribute this to the high quality and purity of the product.


The above image represents what Omega-3 forms you can have in your diet. As great as these items are sometimes its hard to measure how much of these Omega-3’s we are getting daily. With Omax Cognitive Boost you are making sure you have what your body, mind and heart needs to run at maximum capacity. Here’s to your health.

Life is a Delicate Balance.


Life is a delicate balance of so many things. There is family, career, parenting, working out, and somewhere in between it all relaxing and enjoying life. Making sure your priorities are set and tasks accomplished daily can be a challenging feat. So, here’s how I work this all out.


Once I wake up, I make the bed, I check my messages, and roll on out to do one of two things. Either wash my face and do my daily skin routine or take care of my little one. It changes day to day so I just roll with it. After that. I head on downstairs to greet the fiance’, get breakfast going if no one has eaten, then begin getting out the gym bags, snacks ready. We workout 5 days a week and it’s a part of the morning routine. Once that’s all done it’s time to dress myself and the little one.


Once we hit the gym we drop our son off to kids club for 2 hours, no more or less time as they are very strict. We work out for that 2 hours pretty hard, handle 15-20 minutes of cardio daily and go about our day. After the 2 hour window has closed we head home to eat, shower, change and my fiancé is off to work. I am off to feed my son, the dog, clea the house, laundry, and handle my Blog, work on lines for auditions that come in, and handle all my social media accounts. With the holidays here, I’m also shopping and wrapping tons of gifts for friends and family.


So, I ask myself sometimes…”Where is the delicate balance?” For me, I find it in the quiet moments, the bathtub, the time when my son is sleeping for a nap or down for the night, even sometimes when driving. I tend to find that balance when there is one of two things  happening: silence or good music. I’m able to be me, relax, unwind and achieve that delicate balance I believe we all need this in life. Find yours. Namaste.

Another Year Has Passed.


Another year has passed and I’m celebrating my Birthday yet again. I can’t believe how time flies by. I guess when your so busy with everyone and everything your life just races right on by. I have so many things I still wish to achieve and conquer. I feel like I’m nowhere near all the goals I have set for myself. However, I am lucky enough to have another year to take it all on.


Its funny that the older you get the less you want to celebrate. This year I could care less about any big parties or get togethers. I truly just want to zone in on what I need to do and do it. Amazing huh? I still enjoy the Birthday wishes and gifts of course, but life has changed and I with it.


The above summary about the Sagittarius sign is indeed true. This sign is all that and more. It’s amazing to me how Astrology is so damn accurate. Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for being here. I appreciate every single last one of you.

The LA Auto Show.


Attended the Los Angeles Auto Show this past weekend. I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable. I went with my fiancé, his best man and our son. We had a fantastic time. It all begins when we arrive outside the convention center building. A Toyota representative approached us and gave us a code for free show tickets. Although it didn’t work cause the site has reached it max capacity it was an amazingly nice gesture.


So, the highlight of the day was the Porsche exhibit and more inportnately the owners lounge. If you own a Porsche you can chill in their decadent lounge. They serve coffee, tea, water, soda along with cookies, cheeses and various wraps. All for free and all because you drive a Porsche. It was a very nice experience. Moving on from there we hit up the Maserati Exhibit, one I was very excited to see as it’s my favorite car brand.


The above image represents my goal car. The Maserati Granturismo. I finally got to sit in this car and just melted away in dreamland. Amazing attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and just overall class. It’s a status car for sure and not a car for anytime soon but “Hey, I girl can dream.” While we walked around that exhibit, we were served champagne and appetizers along with a gift bag just for stopping by. Between Porsche and Maserati my day was fulfilled with luxury brand treatment. Will attend again next year. If your in LA, catch to before it closes on December 10, 2017.

I Just Love The Holidays.

Tis’ the season to be merry Fa La La La La La La La La. Was that too many La’s? Can you guys tell I’m in a jolly mood? LOL. It’s December 1st! Wow! Another year is about to come to a close. I can’t believe how time flies. Just twenty-four more days till Christmas.


Have you guys finished all your X-mas shopping yet? If not, be sure to check out my earlier posts on where to shop online and get amazing deals. You still have time to order and get items before the Christmas shipping deadline. For the Tea lovers out there please take note that Teavana is closing in January 2018. You can see them here: Teavana


According to Starbucks, 77 of their Teavana stores are closing down due to low numbers. I’m curious to see what they will open in replacement of these stores. Beyond that, Happy shopping my friends and I’ll talk with you all soon.