The Wedding Party Party.


Just last night my fiancé and I had what we call a ‘Wedding Party Party. It’s a party to celebrate the members of our Wedding Party. I’ve been making gift boxes for the past 6 months now in preparation for this event. We each have 4 Bridesmaids and 4  Groomsmen. So, I made a total of 8 boxes. It was such a success! Everyone loved the idea and felt so special at this event celebrating them.


So, the above boxes you see here are the outside of the boxes I created. They each had customized printing on each box. So, everyone had a personal invite with their name on their box. It was like Christmas came early this year. I never seen so many adults smile and get all giddy with the acceptance of these boxes. It was definitely a memorable event, and it makes the future look even more brighter with these amazing people attached to our Wedding.


Let’s have a look into one of the boxes. This image was taken from the Best Man’s box. All that is missing here is the Best Man Tee-shirt.  These boxes looked like full-size 8″ cakes when handed out. They had considerable weight to them as well. No one knew what it was and they weren’t allowed to open them until all the speeches and dedications were done. This wedding has officially kicked off and we are more than excited. In life,  it’s the little things that always make a difference. Find your little thing and watch your world become 100% enhanced.

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