Did Santa Just Throw up?


I’ve been in such a great holiday spirit lately, in fact every year at this time I am. That was all until I drove home tonight after some more Christmas Shopping. My neighbor 2 doors from me has had some serious Santa backlash. I think Santa may have stopped by my block a bit early this year. He probably ate too many of Ms. Claus’ cookies cause he literally threw up on my neighbors front yard. Needless to say, I was appalled and astonished, in a serious lack for words.


My son was thankfully sleeping as we drove by this horrendous mess of what Christmas is or even supposed to be. I couldn’t speak, I just muttered the words WTF about 15 times or so. As I pulled in my driveway, I shut the car off, opened the door and proceeded to stare with a mouth wide open kinda look on my face. I unloaded my trunk of Christmas goodies and just shook my head. After all my unloading was done I plugged in my laser light show.  As I was resetting the image I want to display I could hear my neighbor on the phone saying “We need to get some laser light shows, everyone over has one.” I wanted to cry…could it get any uglier or messier?


Well, Cheers to that! There’s nothing I can do about my neighbors poor taste. I can find the humor in it or I can invest in a huge set of blinders and just roll by really fast. I poured myself a glass of red and just laughed still muttering the words WTF under my silent breath; As my son continued to enjoy his ever so peaceful sleep. Oh Christmas, your still a month away! Grrrrrrrrr.

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