Be Thankful.


Inspired by this American holiday of Thanksgiving. Being thankful shouldn’t only be acknowledged on a holiday but rather everyday. Having and showing gratitude for the gifts one has in this life is so important for self-awareness and happiness. It’s so easy to get caught up in it all and forget that we’re here and alive, that alone is a precious gift. In a world that’s so uncertain with so many tragic events please see the gifts in you and all around you.


The word above indicates what it takes to be happier and more fulfilled. Don’t wish for change, be the change. It all starts with one person. Self-Actualization is so much more powerful than I think we even realize sometimes. Waiting for that time and day to do something is nice but what if that day never comes? What if life is taken from us before that day? Then what? I believe the time is now and I also believe that change is vital for more amazing opportunities to present themselves. Let’s get out there and change something, anything and let that be your everything.


Thinking positive or positive thinking is all the same to me no matter how your say it. And no matter how you get there just get there. See the glass as half full and the world as round and explore. Be open-minded and allow those positive vibes to flow. With all the thankfulness and change topped off with some positive thinking how can we not be ready for such an amazing life? I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with many blessings. I also wish your everyday be new windows and doors to open and knock down.

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