How to Find Peace.

'Peace' word on the sand. Written with pebbles. Aged photo.

In a world that is nonstop, where we are always connected and feel guilty to shut things down. Putting our phone or apple watch away or in the off position seems like an impossible feat. So, How does one find peace in their lives? For me, it’s in the small moments. There are lulls throughout the day that allow me to find my inner karma and center of gravity.


With a 2 year old and 1 year old huge Cane Corso puppy I never have quiet moments. I can never hear myself think. I find myself walking into rooms and wondering why I;m even there. It’s crazy…so, for me I must seek out those quiet times. When my son and the pup are sleeping or when my son is occupied with a learning toy. The pup will be outside playing and I can just stop. There needs to be a stop and pause button active in my life.


Shutting down is my favorite part of the day everyday. I need to tune out the world, my kid and the dog. I even silence my phone at times. I am a centered person, I enjoy my solitude whenever I can get it. I in fact need it. Everyone of us is different in the things we need and how we access them. However it works for you find your peace. That peace can help anyone at anytime literally handling anything. Namaste.

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