The Inner Circle.


Welcome to the inner circle. Where life is safe, happy and free. You might be reading this and asking what is the inner circle? The inner circle is what I consider to be my happy place of friends, family and the ones I consider to be the most deserving. Throughout my life, I had met many different walks of life. So many different personalities with both good and bad intentions. It’s amazing to me how people can be sometimes. How people can live their lives and not consider others. This post is dedicated to them with a little bit of this and that.


Family has always been quite important to me. Having a support system to always lean on, cry to and celebrate with. A team of people who are always on your side and never turn on you for any reason. Those people who have your back and always understand even when your not talking in the English language. My view and definition of family has always been that. However, it isn’t always exactly that now is it? No, sadly not. People change, people tend to do what speaks to them. It’s all OK, but when you have this vision of what it should be or has been it’s let down time.


I’m learning to try and accept things as they are. To accept people for who they are. It’s challenging for me and always has been thanks to my fiery disposition and mindset. I tend to expect to get what I give; a sorta out-dated Golden Rule type of thinking. That just isn’t the case, nor should it be I guess. ¬†Recently I had some of my inner circle Macy’s fireworks display sorta thing occur. Where the lights were bright and the pyrotechnics hot and loud. But it’s sad cause I knew my intentions were good and honest. Sometimes you just cant’t get through to people.


The above quote is one to live by. When someone in your life asks for space grant them that. When you need space in your life, take it. Sometimes when you step away from something you can see it for what it truly is. And sometimes you like what you discovered and sometimes you are quite appalled by it. This life is too damn short for anything but happiness. Find it, embrace it and keep it safe. When toxicity presents itself acknowledge it and keep it moving. Build your inner circle, take care of everyone and everything in it. We have one life people, let’s live it.

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