Tis’ to The Holiday Madness.


Ho Ho Ho HOLIDAY! I can’t believe it’s that time of year yet again. Man oh man people in these stores are starting to transform into really funny characters. I always laughed at how people would get super stressed during the holiday season. Especially when shopping it seems that people become rude and abrasive. Truly amazing!


The countdown to the Christmas Holiday becomes a daunting deadline. When really it should be fun and magical. I always grew up with the holiday’s being warm and fuzzy. Growing up on the east coast especially made it always feel like a holiday. Cold days and snow with lights decorated on so many houses and trees. How could one not be in the Christmas spirit? I had a run-in just the other day while shopping in HomeGoods. This is good, you guys ready for this one? OK, here we go~

So, I wanted to get down this aisle where some sale items were located. A lady and her dog and her shopping cart were blocking the aisle. She apparently didn’t hear me when I said Pardon me so I can pass. So, I slipped by as smoothly as possible. Oh man she turns around and says, “Were you trying to pass?”  I answer “Yes, I said Pardon me.” She replies “I didn’t hear you.” I said “It’s OK girl.” She was beyond furious replying “GIRL?” I couldn’t help but laugh through my next response. I said “Yes, would you prefer lady or woman?” She says “GIRL?” I’m like”OH MY GOD!” “Here WE go!” I reply with “It’s not an insult but if you don’t like it that’s fine.” She rolls her eyes and turns to get back to her shopping.


Even poor Santa here was dead on the floor with laughter burying himself in as many gifts as possible. She was confrontational and wanted to bicker. It was wrong of me to go with her on this but I had to stand up for myself. I said everything with a smile and was peaceful and calm. Might I say the old me? Perhaps this wouldn’t of been such a great turnout? So, I wish you all well out there in shopping crazy land. Be merry, be peaceful and try to deflect the A-holes that do exist in the stores. Tis’ the season for holiday madness!

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