Keep it Fresh!


One of my first blogs was titled: “Start the week off fresh.” This is a follow-up to that post.  Gain is my ultimate favorite laundry detergent and dryer sheets. This post is dedicated to my Gain obsession. So, let’s get into it shall we? Ok, good. Gain offers 6 different scents of the dryer sheets. I am in love with the above scent Island Fresh.


Gain not only makes your clothing smell clean and fresh but it also makes your clothing soft and less staticky. I honestly couldn’t live without it. Every scent from this company is awesome, so choose your poison. Great deals can be had for these dryer sheets so keep an eye out. My favorite place to shop is Target, they offer lots of great deals on Gain products.


Get your Gain info here: Gain. Lot’s of product info and product descriptions. See the latest information and new product additions. It’s amazing how long the scent lasts in the fabric. Best products ever! Now, what are you doing still reading this??? Get out there and get your Gain on.

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