Hit the Drybar!


I had my son’s 2nd birthday party this past weekend. The day before I managed to grab a few hours for myself…thanks to my amazing fiancé who took care of the baby. GIRLS!!!!!!! I hit the drybar! Dry Bar is a California based business that offers blowdrying only services. This place was AMAZING! For the amount of $45.00 you get a shampoo, blow-dry style of your choice and a drink. The menu had 5-7 different options for styles as well as a bunch of drinks to choose from. This hour was so much fun, I enjoyed every last second of it.


The picture above represents the feel and vibe of the Dry Bar. It’s super chic and modern. The counters are low and set up like a bar, people are cool and they do hundreds of thousands of blowdrys all the time. The hours were convenient for anyone’s schedule. The one I visited was open from 8am to 8pm. It was perfect! I had a glass of champagne with my blow-dry service. It was some serious “Me” time. I never get to do my hair anymore nor less blow-dry it out to perfection. This was a treat!


So, the above price is wrong as this images may be old. It’s currently $45 and they still offer the same line-up of treatments. I got the Southern Comfort, which was set with big rollers and created some super bouncy big hair. I tipped the hairstylist $10, so in and out of there ran $55. So well worth it when you need a pick-me-up. They even have a membership program for $80/month. So worth it if you get your blowouts more than 2x a month. I am considering if that will fit into my life or not. I will be back and may drag a girlfriend with me. It’s too cool not to experience with a bestie. So, if your in LA check out one of the 69 locations and hit the Dry Bar.

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