How To Make Money on Your Old Clothing & Shoes.


Poshmark is a shopping/selling app that connects fashionistas globally. You can sell your old or new clothing, men, women, children, shoes, accessories and beyond. Easy and free to post and simple to use. Postmark takes a percentage of every sale so although they don’t charge anything upfront. Shipping is also handled by Postmark, making it easier than ever to print the label from home, pack it up and out it goes.


Postmark also has great customer protection. If you purchase something that isn’t exactly what was listed you can file  complaint. If the pictures, descriptions and actual sale doesn’t match the original listing you are protected. Its a wonderful way to get rid of your old or unwanted items. Pretty simple really. The key is taking well-lit good quality photos. Posting at least 5-7 pictures of every item you sell.

POSHHHThe above screenshot is what Postmark looks like. The layout is quite simple to navigate and searching for brands is fun and easy. Download the app now and give it a whirl. If you do decide to join the Poshmark network look me up: Tiffany Pulvino. That’s it for now folks, Happy Shopping or shall I say Happy Poshing!

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