Sometimes it just is what it is.


Man OH Man! My day today was upside down and inside out. Having a 2 year old is definitely like owning a blender without the lid. There is no such thing as keeping things in their place, nor having time for yourself. I think that’s why I am so big on sleep and finding those pockets of time to recoup and feel like a girl again. My little Sephora 45 minute makeovers work wonders for me truly.


Now the other thing that really works for me is my gym time AKA: Me TIME. And YES, that’s me. I enjoy yoga, weight-training, resistance bands and still loathe cardio. Things haven’t changed for me on that front. So, Sephora visits, gym 5 days a week and then my newest release: this blog. Writing daily for my followers, dropping helpful hints to save money and just sharing my life and stories here. For my few followers, I do hope you are enjoying my posts. It truly is a pleasure writing for all of you, all 9 of you. 😉


So, my dear followers please feel free to comment or contact me. I ‘m more than happy to  answer any question or further elaborate on anything I’ve already touched upon. Have a great night everyone and I’ll speak to you all tomorrow.

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