How to Make Your Home Instantly Inviting.


Welcome to my friends Glade and Air Wick. These companies have nailed the Holiday scents. With a wide arrangement of candles, oils and sprays it’s so simple to create a home with a warm atmosphere. Back in the day, I used to use wax melts and oil burners and although they still work quite well I prefer the new methods. I use both companies GLADE and AIR WICK.


Now that we’ve hit November 1st the holiday madness shall unravel. It seems like after Halloween it’s straight to Christmas. I pretty much skip over Thanksgiving and set up all my Christmas designs. The above scented oil is like having an Evergreen forest in your living room. The Air Wick oils last a long time and the fragrance is beyond accurate. When people come over to our home they always say it smells so nice in here. I just smile and say thank you. With such an array of scents everyone can have an inviting home that smells and feels like home.


Glade has their version too and I find it a bit lighter than the Air Wicks. I do enjoy the Glade product packaging though. I feel that Glade offers prettier spray cans and products. I have both these product lines in my home. I use both without a doubt. I buy them everywhere they are sold. Costco offers multi-packs of Air Wick oil plug-ins at good prices. They usually only have the Summer Scents however. But one can find these items at Target as well. Specials are to be had there too, just depends on when you shop.


So, when your out and about this Holiday season be sure to pick up some Glade or Air Wick. You will add instant warmth and holiday cheer to your home. Guests will notice and you will feel that instant holiday transformation. Cheers to the holiday and the shopping madness that awaits.

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