Where To Find The Deals.


This holiday season don’t be left out in the cold. Shop online and save big. I must admit I do 90 percent of my shopping online. I discovered a site called: Brads Deals It is updated by the minute with over 3,800 different stores. There is always something to be found on there. They also offer additional codes for even more a discount. Can someone say score?


I have done and continue to do some serious shopping on Brads Deals. I can assure you that whatever you are looking for you will find on this site. Various shoppers upload deals that they find on the site. Information and codes are always valid and working. Check it out and let me know what cool deals you guys discover. I’m excited to hear all about your amazing finds.

The Wedding Party Party.


Just last night my fiancé and I had what we call a ‘Wedding Party Party. It’s a party to celebrate the members of our Wedding Party. I’ve been making gift boxes for the past 6 months now in preparation for this event. We each have 4 Bridesmaids and 4  Groomsmen. So, I made a total of 8 boxes. It was such a success! Everyone loved the idea and felt so special at this event celebrating them.


So, the above boxes you see here are the outside of the boxes I created. They each had customized printing on each box. So, everyone had a personal invite with their name on their box. It was like Christmas came early this year. I never seen so many adults smile and get all giddy with the acceptance of these boxes. It was definitely a memorable event, and it makes the future look even more brighter with these amazing people attached to our Wedding.


Let’s have a look into one of the boxes. This image was taken from the Best Man’s box. All that is missing here is the Best Man Tee-shirt.  These boxes looked like full-size 8″ cakes when handed out. They had considerable weight to them as well. No one knew what it was and they weren’t allowed to open them until all the speeches and dedications were done. This wedding has officially kicked off and we are more than excited. In life,  it’s the little things that always make a difference. Find your little thing and watch your world become 100% enhanced.

Did Santa Just Throw up?


I’ve been in such a great holiday spirit lately, in fact every year at this time I am. That was all until I drove home tonight after some more Christmas Shopping. My neighbor 2 doors from me has had some serious Santa backlash. I think Santa may have stopped by my block a bit early this year. He probably ate too many of Ms. Claus’ cookies cause he literally threw up on my neighbors front yard. Needless to say, I was appalled and astonished, in a serious lack for words.


My son was thankfully sleeping as we drove by this horrendous mess of what Christmas is or even supposed to be. I couldn’t speak, I just muttered the words WTF about 15 times or so. As I pulled in my driveway, I shut the car off, opened the door and proceeded to stare with a mouth wide open kinda look on my face. I unloaded my trunk of Christmas goodies and just shook my head. After all my unloading was done I plugged in my laser light show.  As I was resetting the image I want to display I could hear my neighbor on the phone saying “We need to get some laser light shows, everyone over has one.” I wanted to cry…could it get any uglier or messier?


Well, Cheers to that! There’s nothing I can do about my neighbors poor taste. I can find the humor in it or I can invest in a huge set of blinders and just roll by really fast. I poured myself a glass of red and just laughed still muttering the words WTF under my silent breath; As my son continued to enjoy his ever so peaceful sleep. Oh Christmas, your still a month away! Grrrrrrrrr.

Be Thankful.


Inspired by this American holiday of Thanksgiving. Being thankful shouldn’t only be acknowledged on a holiday but rather everyday. Having and showing gratitude for the gifts one has in this life is so important for self-awareness and happiness. It’s so easy to get caught up in it all and forget that we’re here and alive, that alone is a precious gift. In a world that’s so uncertain with so many tragic events please see the gifts in you and all around you.


The word above indicates what it takes to be happier and more fulfilled. Don’t wish for change, be the change. It all starts with one person. Self-Actualization is so much more powerful than I think we even realize sometimes. Waiting for that time and day to do something is nice but what if that day never comes? What if life is taken from us before that day? Then what? I believe the time is now and I also believe that change is vital for more amazing opportunities to present themselves. Let’s get out there and change something, anything and let that be your everything.


Thinking positive or positive thinking is all the same to me no matter how your say it. And no matter how you get there just get there. See the glass as half full and the world as round and explore. Be open-minded and allow those positive vibes to flow. With all the thankfulness and change topped off with some positive thinking how can we not be ready for such an amazing life? I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with many blessings. I also wish your everyday be new windows and doors to open and knock down.

Best Nails in Chatsworth.


Infinity Nail Salon located at 21032 Devonshire St #104, Chatsworth, CA 91311 is the best nail salon in Chatsworth. Found them one day when I was out and about in Chatsworth and was glad to stumble upon such a gem. This nail salon is amazing! All the nail artists are professional and detail-oriented. What a wonderful find!


From French manicures to gels and super buffed pedicures leaving not a callus behind I highly recommend this nail salon. If you find yourself in Chatsworth, CA check out Infinity Nail Salon. I have been there twice already and each time with different artists has been above and beyond exceptional. To Infinity and beyond.

How to Find Peace.

'Peace' word on the sand. Written with pebbles. Aged photo.

In a world that is nonstop, where we are always connected and feel guilty to shut things down. Putting our phone or apple watch away or in the off position seems like an impossible feat. So, How does one find peace in their lives? For me, it’s in the small moments. There are lulls throughout the day that allow me to find my inner karma and center of gravity.


With a 2 year old and 1 year old huge Cane Corso puppy I never have quiet moments. I can never hear myself think. I find myself walking into rooms and wondering why I;m even there. It’s crazy…so, for me I must seek out those quiet times. When my son and the pup are sleeping or when my son is occupied with a learning toy. The pup will be outside playing and I can just stop. There needs to be a stop and pause button active in my life.


Shutting down is my favorite part of the day everyday. I need to tune out the world, my kid and the dog. I even silence my phone at times. I am a centered person, I enjoy my solitude whenever I can get it. I in fact need it. Everyone of us is different in the things we need and how we access them. However it works for you find your peace. That peace can help anyone at anytime literally handling anything. Namaste.

The Inner Circle.


Welcome to the inner circle. Where life is safe, happy and free. You might be reading this and asking what is the inner circle? The inner circle is what I consider to be my happy place of friends, family and the ones I consider to be the most deserving. Throughout my life, I had met many different walks of life. So many different personalities with both good and bad intentions. It’s amazing to me how people can be sometimes. How people can live their lives and not consider others. This post is dedicated to them with a little bit of this and that.


Family has always been quite important to me. Having a support system to always lean on, cry to and celebrate with. A team of people who are always on your side and never turn on you for any reason. Those people who have your back and always understand even when your not talking in the English language. My view and definition of family has always been that. However, it isn’t always exactly that now is it? No, sadly not. People change, people tend to do what speaks to them. It’s all OK, but when you have this vision of what it should be or has been it’s let down time.


I’m learning to try and accept things as they are. To accept people for who they are. It’s challenging for me and always has been thanks to my fiery disposition and mindset. I tend to expect to get what I give; a sorta out-dated Golden Rule type of thinking. That just isn’t the case, nor should it be I guess.  Recently I had some of my inner circle Macy’s fireworks display sorta thing occur. Where the lights were bright and the pyrotechnics hot and loud. But it’s sad cause I knew my intentions were good and honest. Sometimes you just cant’t get through to people.


The above quote is one to live by. When someone in your life asks for space grant them that. When you need space in your life, take it. Sometimes when you step away from something you can see it for what it truly is. And sometimes you like what you discovered and sometimes you are quite appalled by it. This life is too damn short for anything but happiness. Find it, embrace it and keep it safe. When toxicity presents itself acknowledge it and keep it moving. Build your inner circle, take care of everyone and everything in it. We have one life people, let’s live it.

Tis’ to The Holiday Madness.


Ho Ho Ho HOLIDAY! I can’t believe it’s that time of year yet again. Man oh man people in these stores are starting to transform into really funny characters. I always laughed at how people would get super stressed during the holiday season. Especially when shopping it seems that people become rude and abrasive. Truly amazing!


The countdown to the Christmas Holiday becomes a daunting deadline. When really it should be fun and magical. I always grew up with the holiday’s being warm and fuzzy. Growing up on the east coast especially made it always feel like a holiday. Cold days and snow with lights decorated on so many houses and trees. How could one not be in the Christmas spirit? I had a run-in just the other day while shopping in HomeGoods. This is good, you guys ready for this one? OK, here we go~

So, I wanted to get down this aisle where some sale items were located. A lady and her dog and her shopping cart were blocking the aisle. She apparently didn’t hear me when I said Pardon me so I can pass. So, I slipped by as smoothly as possible. Oh man she turns around and says, “Were you trying to pass?”  I answer “Yes, I said Pardon me.” She replies “I didn’t hear you.” I said “It’s OK girl.” She was beyond furious replying “GIRL?” I couldn’t help but laugh through my next response. I said “Yes, would you prefer lady or woman?” She says “GIRL?” I’m like”OH MY GOD!” “Here WE go!” I reply with “It’s not an insult but if you don’t like it that’s fine.” She rolls her eyes and turns to get back to her shopping.


Even poor Santa here was dead on the floor with laughter burying himself in as many gifts as possible. She was confrontational and wanted to bicker. It was wrong of me to go with her on this but I had to stand up for myself. I said everything with a smile and was peaceful and calm. Might I say the old me? Perhaps this wouldn’t of been such a great turnout? So, I wish you all well out there in shopping crazy land. Be merry, be peaceful and try to deflect the A-holes that do exist in the stores. Tis’ the season for holiday madness!

Keep it Fresh!


One of my first blogs was titled: “Start the week off fresh.” This is a follow-up to that post.  Gain is my ultimate favorite laundry detergent and dryer sheets. This post is dedicated to my Gain obsession. So, let’s get into it shall we? Ok, good. Gain offers 6 different scents of the dryer sheets. I am in love with the above scent Island Fresh.


Gain not only makes your clothing smell clean and fresh but it also makes your clothing soft and less staticky. I honestly couldn’t live without it. Every scent from this company is awesome, so choose your poison. Great deals can be had for these dryer sheets so keep an eye out. My favorite place to shop is Target, they offer lots of great deals on Gain products.


Get your Gain info here: Gain. Lot’s of product info and product descriptions. See the latest information and new product additions. It’s amazing how long the scent lasts in the fabric. Best products ever! Now, what are you doing still reading this??? Get out there and get your Gain on.

Hit the Drybar!


I had my son’s 2nd birthday party this past weekend. The day before I managed to grab a few hours for myself…thanks to my amazing fiancé who took care of the baby. GIRLS!!!!!!! I hit the drybar! Dry Bar is a California based business that offers blowdrying only services. This place was AMAZING! For the amount of $45.00 you get a shampoo, blow-dry style of your choice and a drink. The menu had 5-7 different options for styles as well as a bunch of drinks to choose from. This hour was so much fun, I enjoyed every last second of it.


The picture above represents the feel and vibe of the Dry Bar. It’s super chic and modern. The counters are low and set up like a bar, people are cool and they do hundreds of thousands of blowdrys all the time. The hours were convenient for anyone’s schedule. The one I visited was open from 8am to 8pm. It was perfect! I had a glass of champagne with my blow-dry service. It was some serious “Me” time. I never get to do my hair anymore nor less blow-dry it out to perfection. This was a treat!


So, the above price is wrong as this images may be old. It’s currently $45 and they still offer the same line-up of treatments. I got the Southern Comfort, which was set with big rollers and created some super bouncy big hair. I tipped the hairstylist $10, so in and out of there ran $55. So well worth it when you need a pick-me-up. They even have a membership program for $80/month. So worth it if you get your blowouts more than 2x a month. I am considering if that will fit into my life or not. I will be back and may drag a girlfriend with me. It’s too cool not to experience with a bestie. So, if your in LA check out one of the 69 locations and hit the Dry Bar.