How To Completely Change Your Skin. Part 1.


Introducing my favorite skin care doctor Dr. Perricone also known as Perricone MD. I was first exposed to the this amazing line when I was working in retail. I would frown at the prices of things as customers would shop this line. I couldn’t exactly understand why people would spend so much on their skin care. I was using the basics, brands like Oil of Olay, Cetaphil and even Neutrogena. Not to say these brands are bad or don’t work but in comparison to the Perricone line it simply outshines and out-performs everything I’ve ever used or tried before. So, if you want Kim Kardashian type skin see the line here: Perricone MD


The image you see above is the first step to getting good healthy clean skin. This cleanser is amazing for most skin types. Doesn’t over dry or strip any natural oils. It’s a gel-cleanser that is lightweight and has a fresh scent . There are other cleansers like the gentle cleanser and the citrus facial wash. This cleanser is what works best for me. I feel a good clean and no dryness. Safe enough for daily use and a little goes a long way. This product will last for at least 3 months if you don’t use large portions of it while cleansing.


This is my second step. An amazing toner that refines pores and gets rid of any extra dirt or debris left on the skin. Gentle enough for daily use and truly does help minimize the appearance of pores. I used to have pores the size of New York City potholes, now my pores are virtually nonexistent. We all have and need pores but minimizing them makes the skin so much nicer. A quick beauty insider tip…take a cotton round and saturate it with the Intensive Pore Minimizer the place and hold on areas where there is larger pores. Usually the T-zones and cheeks, but everyone is different. Hold for 10 seconds or so, it will help the product further emulsify into the skin.


This is my third and not final step for my daily routine but for  Blogs sake I will keep it down to 3 products for this review. I use at least 20 different Perricone products everyday. This cream is a wonderful day cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It’s called Photo Plasma and it creates a light glow on the skin. It’s cold when applied and light and fresh in scent. I’ve been using this daydream for about 3 months or so and love it. I have tried and tested others in the Perricone brand but this is my top fav for every day.

Give Perricone MD a try and I promise you will not be disappointed. This line does more than just deliver great skin, it changes the skin we’re in. Thank you Perricone for being so darn amazing!


Let’s start the week off fresh…


Happy Monday everyone! Here at the Mom Journals we keep it real and we keep it fresh. I wanted to kick off this amazing week with my favorite laundry detergent. Gain Flings are absolutely my go to for washing my families clothes. Each of the large containers host 81 pods, that’s 81 washes! The Gain fragrance not only stays in the fabric but also helps your whites stay white and colors stay bright. I have tested them all folks and this is the winner! They have a great array of fragrances and you can see them all at their website: Gain

Now currently there are 3 fragrances Gain is offered in: Original, Moonlight Breeze and Tropical Sunrise. I love Moonlight Breeze…it’s light but has enough scent to lock itself in your fabrics and keep your clothes smelling fresh all day long.


These little pods certainly make life easier. No more measuring how much detergent is needed for every wash, and God knows us Mom’s are washing non-stop! It also helps to rid of the guessing game…The pods contain detergent, Oxi-Boost and Fabreeze. No wonder why Gain Flings win over the competition.



The containers they are in are child proof, designed in such a way to make it complicated for an infant/toddler to open. The word I used here is complicated, not impossible. All detergents and chemicals should be hidden/locked away from kids at all times. Anything can happen at any time and we must always be ‘on guard and ready for the mom battles.

So, that about wraps it up for today. If you haven’t given Gain Flings a try please do. It’s the best laundry detergent pods out there. Stores such as Target offer on-going deals for these products that make buying in bulk worth it.  If you want your families clothes Martha Stewart approved try Gain…Hey! you have nothing to lose, only Gain! OK, OK, that was cheesy.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Why hello there…Happy Sunday to you! Thanks for being here and reading my Blog. As we get started on this journey together I’d like to say I’m excited to meet all of you. I’m excited to get to know all your personalities and lives. I look at this blog as a place to connect, share and promote. It’s a sunny day here in California and it certainly doesn’t feel like Fall at all. I grew up on the east coast so at this time of year the weather is much different. However, you can’t beat the blue skies and current weather averaging in at 82 degrees. We are seeing some October winds but thats to be expected for this of year. So, just to regroup this blog will be covering the following:

  1. Being a mom
  2. Being a fiancé
  3. Managing a career outside of the home
  4. Brands I love
  5. Sites I use for amazing deals
  6. Apps I couldn’t live without
  7. How I stay in shape and stay motivated
  8. Finding the time to take care of yourself
  9. Exchanging ideas and helpful tips with one another
  10. Try to be entertaining

Welcome to The Mom Journals

9323aWelcome to The Mom Journals! I’m so glad you’re here. This is my very first post on my very new blog. I’m a first time mom and over the past 2 years I’ve been feeling compelled to share my story. I’ve learned quite a bit about managing a career and being a full-time mother. I plan on covering my favorite brands, products and tips to help you survive the first 2 years of the wonderful world called mommy-hood. Again, welcome and please feel free to join in on the fun. Comments, questions are always welcome here.