Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween friends! It’s a cloudy spooky day here in Los Angeles. It’s so much fun especially when you have little ones. They get all excited to get dressed up as their favorite characters and go trick or treating. I just think this holiday is so fun for all ages involved. Today we are going trick or treating for the first time. That should be an experience for sure.


The above image reflects my son’s choice of Halloween Characters. He loves the green one. This is from a Disney Junior show called PJ Masks. They are cute little Pajama-wearing superheroes. He just adores the green guy AKA: Gekko. So, Gekko it is! lol. He actually doesn’t like face masks or hats so this costume should be absolute fun to put on and wear for trick or treating today.


Although my son will not eating any of the candy he gets today as he still too young it should still be fun to get out there and be a kid again. Whatever you guys end up doing today please enjoy and celebrate the holiday. It’s a fun one, be safe and have a spooky good time!

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