Where To Find Halloween Fun!

FRIGHT_1Spent my Sunday amongst great friends and had a howling good time at Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2017 Six Flags Fright Fest!  We all arrived at 3pm, park actually opened at 10:30am and closed at 11pm. The lines were much shorter than the Summer season and the entire park was dressed to kill. Get it? Dressed to kill?? OK, OK I seem to have a corny sense of humor. But Hey, that’s me.

FRIGHT_4So, by day we hit the coasters. One after the other and that alone was so much fun. Around 6:30pm or so the park begins its transformation. They make announcements that Zombies and Ghouls have escaped and are walking around the park. The fog machines and ghoulish music began to play. It felt like a huge horror movie set that was just alive and kicking. My hats off to Six Flags for doing such an amazing job. From decorations to extreme costumes with professional movie makeup and prosthetics it was killer. Yup, there I go again with my sheer corniness.


There were 7 mazes that one can venture through. These mazes opened at 7pm once the night has set in. We were able to play in 5 of them and one in particular stood out to me. The Toys of Terror house in 3D. This was the longest line that took up 1.5 hours to get in but as soon as we did it was amazing. A psychedelic journey through a haunted house made up of some crazy toys. The 3D glasses that made this maze seriously challenging added a crazy twist in the moving bridge hallway. Image is above and was truly hard to walk straight through this one. There were 7 of us and we all had quite a challenge getting through it. Too much fun and such a great way to ring in Halloween 2017.


So, if your looking for some Halloween fun head over to Six Flags in your area. You will not be disappointed. The costumes, the rides and the overall experience is one not to be missed. Happy Hallows Eve to all!

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