My New Favorite Site!


Firstly Happy Friday to everyone! Secondly the above image is my new favorite site to shop on. For the longest time I thought Zulily was just for Posh moms aka: RICH MOMS. I always ignored the promotional E-mails and sent them directly to my trash bin. No questions asked, never clicked on the links in the E-mails. BOY was I wrong! I recently clicked on one of the links in the E-mail and was beyond elated.


So as the above images states “New Deals Daily!” and they mean it. Everyday you get an E-mail that highlights the deals of the day. They have everything you can imagine. Prices can start as low as $3.95 and go all the way up from there. They have limited specials on these daily deals so if you don’t jump on the deal “POOF” it shall be gone. However, they offer a waitlisted/notify me option so you can pick up your item at a later date. When it’s back in stock it will send you a reminder E-mail. Amazing site, a must see! Go to: Zulily


The above image is the Zulily shipping center out in Seattle, Washington. This American e-commerce company was founded in 2009 by Mark Vadon and Darren Cavens. The company truly has amazing customer service as well.  I recently ordered one too many bolero jackets for my upcoming wedding in June 2018. I called them after I placed the order, they resolved the issue in seconds. I then received a new E-mail with my updated order revised and refunded notice. For your holiday shopping do consider Zulily for its a gem of site and worth your time. Happy Shopping everyone!

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