How To Get Rid of Winter Skin.


This post is dedicated to my readers. I enjoy sharing all the tips, tricks and how-to’s with you. So, let’s get into it shall we? The brand I am talking about today is Dove. I am usually not a mass brand user when it comes to my skin care routine. As you all already know I enjoy Dr. Perricone products and they are not cheap. However, I must give credit where credit is due and this one goes to Dove.


Meet the A-team! These guys are packed with some serious skin nourishment. As the winter months play such a harsh role on the body Dove helps you fight back. I used this body wash while visiting some family in Arizona this summer. I must admit I actually frowned in the shower when I seen it. Long and behold when I got out of the shower my skin was soft and supple. The body washes have such light fragrance that it doesn’t compete or overpower your daily fragrance of choice. Both my fiancé and I are now using this everyday in the shower/bath. You will not be disappointed.


So, as the winter does what it does you now have a skin protector to keep you safe and supple. I enjoy cutting corners when I can, living on a budget and being aware of good products and deals where they lie. There are always specials on these body washes too. Keep a look out for that on your next target run. This product lasts a long time as well. Much like Perricone a little goes a long way. Looking forward to hearing back from all of you on this wonderful product. Have a great Thursday friends.

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