The Daily Dose.


Happy Tuesday friends! Wanted to share with you today my daily dose of vitamins and supplements. I take a lot and find it very helpful in maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. Especially when your running around everyday nonstop. There has to be a refuel so to speak that helps the body run at optimum speed.  So above you will see the first group of supplements that I take.  Below please find the second group below.


So, the only thing thats missing here is my Multi-vtamin. I take Dr. Perricone Multi-vitamin designed for women found at Perricone MD. With all these things combined no matter how good or bad my daily diet might be I am getting exactly what my body needs everyday. I get most of my vitamins and supplements from Sprouts Market. If you don’t have Sprouts a local Whole Foods would do it. Good quality brands that deliver above normal grade of product. Now I work out 5 days a week so there are a few additional items I add to the mix.

I take Glutamine, BCAA’s, Plant protein and even sometimes a fat burner. That would wrap it up for me. Now of course having a healthy diet is essential, but we all need vitamins and supplements to balance it all out. Feel free to ask about any of the products above. I will be more than happy to explain what each does and why I take it. Have a healthy Tuesday everyone and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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