Where To Find Happiness.


I’ve been asking myself this question for most of my life. Where to find happiness? It took me quite a long time to actually discover where it comes from and how to tap into this amazing energy. Ready for this one? Happiness can be found within you! Amazing huh? I know, I know and it’s so simple it’s batty. Something that sounds so ridiculously easy can evolve into such a lifelong quest.


But yes, it truly does reside right there in your inner human. Your very being possesses this wonderful quality of being bright and happy. In a world such as ours I think we are misled into believing that happiness is found out there somewhere. We end up focusing so much on materialistic goals that we get sidetracked from who we are and what powers we have. Happiness is a choice, it’s a mind-frame and if you choose to be happy that’s more than half the battle.


When I first met my boyfriend currently my fiancĂ© I couldn’t comprehend how this person was always happy. He was in a good mood all the time and simply enjoying his life. I questioned him in my mind, I questioned him to his face…lol. Ya’ know what he told me? He said…”Tiffany, I woke up this morning, I’m alive and have another day on this earth.” I laughed at first but then realized he was right. Such a elementary way of thinking that was sheer genius. So, there you have it. Where to find happiness you ask? “Why young grasshopper it lies within you.” We all have the potential to be happy but we first need to make the choice to do so.


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