Back At It.


Now that I’m finally out of the woods so to speak I’m back in the gym as of today. I usually work out 5 days a week doing different body parts/groups each day. Thanks to the invention of Kids Klub I am able to have a window of 2 hours. So today will mark my daily appearance at my local fitness club. It’s amazing how working out actually boosts your self-image and helps reduce some serious stress.



The above image reflects my current situation with cardio. No matter what song I play or which machine I choose I can’t get into it. It’s crazy because I enjoy weight-lifting, love stretching and rolling, I just adore standing on my head but cardio? Me? ummmm no thank you. However, it’s vital for people both young and old to get moving. To increase that blood flow and maintain a happy healthy heart. Sooooooo, I do it daily now in the beginning of my workout without thinking or contemplating. If I start to do either of those cardio is so not happening.


Yup! That’s me and that’s my happy place. Yoga and hand balancing acts is more my speed. I enjoy working out the mind and body as one unit. I think to myself if I just did that every day would I get the heart benefits of doing say twenty minutes of cardio a day? Is it the same thing if I’m still working up the same type of sweat? The intensity is certainly there so I must research this. I will of course let you all know what I find on this topic. Well, thats its for today folks I’m going to get my self together and hit the gym now. Have a great Thursday, and if your not taking care of that heart get out there and get at least twenty minutes of cardio in. Let’s lengthen our lives together. Stay healthy friends.










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