The Morning After…


Good Morning everyone! I hope Hump day is treating you all well. I must say I am fully operating on the sheer energy of coffee beans. Ya’ know it wasn’t until I became a Mom did I realize how you truly take the back seat to life at times. This past week I’ve been down with a severe head cold, cough, flu-type thing. Long and behold, as I start to get better my 23 month-old son comes down with an even worse case. So, last night was spent tackling a near 100 degree fever and a burning body. Plus the beautiful extras like sneezing up globs of mucus and coughing uncontrollably.


I have fears when it comes to fevers in babies-infants-kids-adults-humans-you get the point…lol. So, I work extra hard to eliminate that son of a gun. Last night I used tricks such as the following: Cool bath, cool hand towels on head, chest and underarms, an Ibuprofen for babies to reduce fever, ice-pops, ice-cubes, and lots of caressing. My son is rather a happy boy so for him to cry all night just makes it all such more more dramatic. Finally after 11 hours or so of this determined evil fever it broke. I was then able to breathe and feel somewhat human again. This morning he’s in much better spirits and I am praying and chanting to the Java Gods for their amazing gift of the coffee bean.


Those Gods are mere Storm Troopers to me. They are working hard delivering caffeine to every cell of my being. Thank you Star Wars at Star Wars, thank you Storm Troopers, thank you George Lucas at Lucas Film, and thank you modern medicine for working your magic on my son’s fever. I am not only able to function thanks to the good ole’ coffee bean but breathe as well. Ohhhhh, the morning after…

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