Happy Sunday Everyone!


Why hello there…Happy Sunday to you! Thanks for being here and reading my Blog. As we get started on this journey together I’d like to say I’m excited to meet all of you. I’m excited to get to know all your personalities and lives. I look at this blog as a place to connect, share and promote. It’s a sunny day here in California and it certainly doesn’t feel like Fall at all. I grew up on the east coast so at this time of year the weather is much different. However, you can’t beat the blue skies and current weather averaging in at 82 degrees. We are seeing some October winds but thats to be expected for this of year. So, just to regroup this blog will be covering the following:

  1. Being a mom
  2. Being a fiancé
  3. Managing a career outside of the home
  4. Brands I love
  5. Sites I use for amazing deals
  6. Apps I couldn’t live without
  7. How I stay in shape and stay motivated
  8. Finding the time to take care of yourself
  9. Exchanging ideas and helpful tips with one another
  10. Try to be entertaining

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