Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween friends! It’s a cloudy spooky day here in Los Angeles. It’s so much fun especially when you have little ones. They get all excited to get dressed up as their favorite characters and go trick or treating. I just think this holiday is so fun for all ages involved. Today we are going trick or treating for the first time. That should be an experience for sure.


The above image reflects my son’s choice of Halloween Characters. He loves the green one. This is from a Disney Junior show called PJ Masks. They are cute little Pajama-wearing superheroes. He just adores the green guy AKA: Gekko. So, Gekko it is! lol. He actually doesn’t like face masks or hats so this costume should be absolute fun to put on and wear for trick or treating today.


Although my son will not eating any of the candy he gets today as he still too young it should still be fun to get out there and be a kid again. Whatever you guys end up doing today please enjoy and celebrate the holiday. It’s a fun one, be safe and have a spooky good time!

Where To Find Halloween Fun!

FRIGHT_1Spent my Sunday amongst great friends and had a howling good time at Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2017 Six Flags Fright Fest!  We all arrived at 3pm, park actually opened at 10:30am and closed at 11pm. The lines were much shorter than the Summer season and the entire park was dressed to kill. Get it? Dressed to kill?? OK, OK I seem to have a corny sense of humor. But Hey, that’s me.

FRIGHT_4So, by day we hit the coasters. One after the other and that alone was so much fun. Around 6:30pm or so the park begins its transformation. They make announcements that Zombies and Ghouls have escaped and are walking around the park. The fog machines and ghoulish music began to play. It felt like a huge horror movie set that was just alive and kicking. My hats off to Six Flags for doing such an amazing job. From decorations to extreme costumes with professional movie makeup and prosthetics it was killer. Yup, there I go again with my sheer corniness.


There were 7 mazes that one can venture through. These mazes opened at 7pm once the night has set in. We were able to play in 5 of them and one in particular stood out to me. The Toys of Terror house in 3D. This was the longest line that took up 1.5 hours to get in but as soon as we did it was amazing. A psychedelic journey through a haunted house made up of some crazy toys. The 3D glasses that made this maze seriously challenging added a crazy twist in the moving bridge hallway. Image is above and was truly hard to walk straight through this one. There were 7 of us and we all had quite a challenge getting through it. Too much fun and such a great way to ring in Halloween 2017.


So, if your looking for some Halloween fun head over to Six Flags in your area. You will not be disappointed. The costumes, the rides and the overall experience is one not to be missed. Happy Hallows Eve to all!

My New Favorite Site!


Firstly Happy Friday to everyone! Secondly the above image is my new favorite site to shop on. For the longest time I thought Zulily was just for Posh moms aka: RICH MOMS. I always ignored the promotional E-mails and sent them directly to my trash bin. No questions asked, never clicked on the links in the E-mails. BOY was I wrong! I recently clicked on one of the links in the E-mail and was beyond elated.


So as the above images states “New Deals Daily!” and they mean it. Everyday you get an E-mail that highlights the deals of the day. They have everything you can imagine. Prices can start as low as $3.95 and go all the way up from there. They have limited specials on these daily deals so if you don’t jump on the deal “POOF” it shall be gone. However, they offer a waitlisted/notify me option so you can pick up your item at a later date. When it’s back in stock it will send you a reminder E-mail. Amazing site, a must see! Go to: Zulily


The above image is the Zulily shipping center out in Seattle, Washington. This American e-commerce company was founded in 2009 by Mark Vadon and Darren Cavens. The company truly has amazing customer service as well.  I recently ordered one too many bolero jackets for my upcoming wedding in June 2018. I called them after I placed the order, they resolved the issue in seconds. I then received a new E-mail with my updated order revised and refunded notice. For your holiday shopping do consider Zulily for its a gem of site and worth your time. Happy Shopping everyone!

How To Get Rid of Winter Skin.


This post is dedicated to my readers. I enjoy sharing all the tips, tricks and how-to’s with you. So, let’s get into it shall we? The brand I am talking about today is Dove. I am usually not a mass brand user when it comes to my skin care routine. As you all already know I enjoy Dr. Perricone products and they are not cheap. However, I must give credit where credit is due and this one goes to Dove.


Meet the A-team! These guys are packed with some serious skin nourishment. As the winter months play such a harsh role on the body Dove helps you fight back. I used this body wash while visiting some family in Arizona this summer. I must admit I actually frowned in the shower when I seen it. Long and behold when I got out of the shower my skin was soft and supple. The body washes have such light fragrance that it doesn’t compete or overpower your daily fragrance of choice. Both my fiancé and I are now using this everyday in the shower/bath. You will not be disappointed.


So, as the winter does what it does you now have a skin protector to keep you safe and supple. I enjoy cutting corners when I can, living on a budget and being aware of good products and deals where they lie. There are always specials on these body washes too. Keep a look out for that on your next target run. This product lasts a long time as well. Much like Perricone a little goes a long way. Looking forward to hearing back from all of you on this wonderful product. Have a great Thursday friends.

How To Completely Change your Skin. Part 2.


Welcome to part 2 of my Perricone coverage. Last post we covered the 3 basics of getting good healthy skin. This one let’s combat the next 3 products that aid in change and unveiling the skin you were meant to be in. With no further ado let’s of this thang.


This super huge image above is the product that literally changes the appearance of fine lines and aging on your eyelids. OK, OK it retails for $200 and I know thats quite a hefty price for an eyelid serum. However, let me share the wealth with you my friends. Once a month Perricone MD has a 50% off sale, and that time is now. You can get the above item for $100 as opposed to $200. Also, this product like most of his products will last for 2-3 months if used sparingly.


Next up is the Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream. This beauty is awesome for morning and night usage. Helps bring moisture to the eye area and aids in the aging process. I’ve tried the following eye creams from Perricone as well:

  • Brightening Eye Cream
  • High Potency Eye Lift
  • Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum

The Hypoallergenic is by far still my favorite. I must admit I still have 2 more items to test out and when I do I will let you guys know the outcome.

MP0032_CC0001_SC0023 copy

And last but certainly not least the High Potency Face Firming Activator. This product is amazing. It’s great for aging skin that is losing elasticity and needing an added boost. It can be applied to the entire face or focused on the areas needed. In my skincare routine I use just after my morning toner. Since there are so many products I’ve mentioned let me break it down for you in a list in order of usage:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Face Firming Activator
  • Eye Lid Serum
  • Eye Cream
  • Face Cream

Well, there you have it. How to completely change your skin Part 2. If you haven’t read Part 1 I highly recommend it, as that post covers the basics of good skincare. Stay beautiful friends.

The Daily Dose.


Happy Tuesday friends! Wanted to share with you today my daily dose of vitamins and supplements. I take a lot and find it very helpful in maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. Especially when your running around everyday nonstop. There has to be a refuel so to speak that helps the body run at optimum speed.  So above you will see the first group of supplements that I take.  Below please find the second group below.


So, the only thing thats missing here is my Multi-vtamin. I take Dr. Perricone Multi-vitamin designed for women found at Perricone MD. With all these things combined no matter how good or bad my daily diet might be I am getting exactly what my body needs everyday. I get most of my vitamins and supplements from Sprouts Market. If you don’t have Sprouts a local Whole Foods would do it. Good quality brands that deliver above normal grade of product. Now I work out 5 days a week so there are a few additional items I add to the mix.

I take Glutamine, BCAA’s, Plant protein and even sometimes a fat burner. That would wrap it up for me. Now of course having a healthy diet is essential, but we all need vitamins and supplements to balance it all out. Feel free to ask about any of the products above. I will be more than happy to explain what each does and why I take it. Have a healthy Tuesday everyone and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

This Time of Season…


Good morning everyone and happy Monday to you all. I hope you all had a great weekend. Wanted to kick off the week with a little tribute to the season. I just adore the Fall…there’s something warm and fuzzy about it.  With Halloween eight days away I must say I’m excited. Having a child and celebrating this fun holiday is so much more enjoyable. I must admit I always liked Harvest time and Halloween. Going Pumpkin picking, apple picking and jumping on a hay ride was just the thing to do.


At the end of the day when you’ve picked the perfect pumpkin and a barrel of apples it was time for that hot apple cider. Being from the east coast this time of season had a bite in the air. It felt like Fall and the leaves and trees changing their colors was just beautiful. I remember driving to the patch or simply taking a weekend drive was just a photographers dream. The explosion of colors was so amazing to admire that it made the trip that much more delightful.


So wherever you are in the world enjoy this Fall, enjoy this day. For it’s the little things that truly create those magic moments. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed…it’s so easy to get side-tracked and consumed with the everyday hustle. Take a few minutes to stop and enjoy where it is that you are; for the very fact that your even there is a miracle all in itself.

Where To Find Happiness.


I’ve been asking myself this question for most of my life. Where to find happiness? It took me quite a long time to actually discover where it comes from and how to tap into this amazing energy. Ready for this one? Happiness can be found within you! Amazing huh? I know, I know and it’s so simple it’s batty. Something that sounds so ridiculously easy can evolve into such a lifelong quest.


But yes, it truly does reside right there in your inner human. Your very being possesses this wonderful quality of being bright and happy. In a world such as ours I think we are misled into believing that happiness is found out there somewhere. We end up focusing so much on materialistic goals that we get sidetracked from who we are and what powers we have. Happiness is a choice, it’s a mind-frame and if you choose to be happy that’s more than half the battle.


When I first met my boyfriend currently my fiancé I couldn’t comprehend how this person was always happy. He was in a good mood all the time and simply enjoying his life. I questioned him in my mind, I questioned him to his face…lol. Ya’ know what he told me? He said…”Tiffany, I woke up this morning, I’m alive and have another day on this earth.” I laughed at first but then realized he was right. Such a elementary way of thinking that was sheer genius. So, there you have it. Where to find happiness you ask? “Why young grasshopper it lies within you.” We all have the potential to be happy but we first need to make the choice to do so.


Back At It.


Now that I’m finally out of the woods so to speak I’m back in the gym as of today. I usually work out 5 days a week doing different body parts/groups each day. Thanks to the invention of Kids Klub I am able to have a window of 2 hours. So today will mark my daily appearance at my local fitness club. It’s amazing how working out actually boosts your self-image and helps reduce some serious stress.



The above image reflects my current situation with cardio. No matter what song I play or which machine I choose I can’t get into it. It’s crazy because I enjoy weight-lifting, love stretching and rolling, I just adore standing on my head but cardio? Me? ummmm no thank you. However, it’s vital for people both young and old to get moving. To increase that blood flow and maintain a happy healthy heart. Sooooooo, I do it daily now in the beginning of my workout without thinking or contemplating. If I start to do either of those cardio is so not happening.


Yup! That’s me and that’s my happy place. Yoga and hand balancing acts is more my speed. I enjoy working out the mind and body as one unit. I think to myself if I just did that every day would I get the heart benefits of doing say twenty minutes of cardio a day? Is it the same thing if I’m still working up the same type of sweat? The intensity is certainly there so I must research this. I will of course let you all know what I find on this topic. Well, thats its for today folks I’m going to get my self together and hit the gym now. Have a great Thursday, and if your not taking care of that heart get out there and get at least twenty minutes of cardio in. Let’s lengthen our lives together. Stay healthy friends.










The Morning After…


Good Morning everyone! I hope Hump day is treating you all well. I must say I am fully operating on the sheer energy of coffee beans. Ya’ know it wasn’t until I became a Mom did I realize how you truly take the back seat to life at times. This past week I’ve been down with a severe head cold, cough, flu-type thing. Long and behold, as I start to get better my 23 month-old son comes down with an even worse case. So, last night was spent tackling a near 100 degree fever and a burning body. Plus the beautiful extras like sneezing up globs of mucus and coughing uncontrollably.


I have fears when it comes to fevers in babies-infants-kids-adults-humans-you get the point…lol. So, I work extra hard to eliminate that son of a gun. Last night I used tricks such as the following: Cool bath, cool hand towels on head, chest and underarms, an Ibuprofen for babies to reduce fever, ice-pops, ice-cubes, and lots of caressing. My son is rather a happy boy so for him to cry all night just makes it all such more more dramatic. Finally after 11 hours or so of this determined evil fever it broke. I was then able to breathe and feel somewhat human again. This morning he’s in much better spirits and I am praying and chanting to the Java Gods for their amazing gift of the coffee bean.


Those Gods are mere Storm Troopers to me. They are working hard delivering caffeine to every cell of my being. Thank you Star Wars at Star Wars, thank you Storm Troopers, thank you George Lucas at Lucas Film, and thank you modern medicine for working your magic on my son’s fever. I am not only able to function thanks to the good ole’ coffee bean but breathe as well. Ohhhhh, the morning after…